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The National Veterinary School of Alfort has fixed two major objectives for its international strategy:

  • to aid in the professional insertion of its students in an international environment by the development of student mobility abroad (which is compulsory),
  • to promote the international dimensions of its activities in the areas of training and research by reinforcing the expertise of Alfort within the domain of international veterinary education.

Student mobility

Contacts :

Mail : international@vet-alfort.fr
Tel : 33 (0)1 43 96 72 23



The Alfort students (out-going mobility) can validate their mobility through institutional offers:

  • ERASMUS: teaching placements or professional placements,
  • Clinical or research placements in an Alfort partner-University.

They can also, with the help of the International Affairs Office, construct their own personal project which can be designed to prepare them for a career in the areas of clinical, research, wildlife or ‘NGO type’ work.

The Alfort shool welcomes in-coming students who wish to do:

  • A teaching semester (Institutional agreements, ERASMUS or bilateral agreements for faculties outside Europe)
  • A clinical placement (equine or small animals)
  • A research placement (in one of the many laboratories on campus).


Alfort’s international influence

Accueil d'une délegation chinoise. Crédit photo Bruno Allouche - ENVA

The International Affairs office is also responsible for the promotion of Alfort’s domains of excellence, notably expertise in clinical medicine (the CIRALE for equine and the CHUVA for companion animal medicine), in research (infectiology, equine locomotion, reproduction, neurobiology) and in teaching (integrated systems of large animal production) in contexts which are very different:

  • Projects in developing countries (Vietnam…)
  • Projects in emerging countries (Brazil, Chilli, China …)
  • Exchanges involving clinical and teaching expertise (Australia, the United States of America…)
  • Exportation of the French model for veterinary teaching
  • Union Méditerranéenne d’Enseignement Vétérinaire (UMEV, Mediterranean Union of Veterinary Teaching).

These domains provide a framework for teaching and research staff mobility (in-coming and out-going).