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Continuous Training

Accredited training by Alfort lecturers

The Alfort Veterinary School has been accredited by the National Veterinary Council for Continuing and Supplementary Education (CNVFCC, Conseil National Vétérinaire de la Formation Continue et Complémentaire). The School proposes a catalogue of continuing education courses adapted to lifelong educational needs.
Each session of continuing education, lasting generally between one to seven days, is organised by an Alfort lecturer.
Completion of a training session results in a continuing training credit being awarded, called CFC_ECTS.

The courses use innovative techniques, facilities and equipment

Practical sessions use the equipment and facilities of the CAPA, CHUVA, CIRALE and CRBM.

Three types of training courses are available:

  • Short courses (lasting between one and seven days), which do not confer a diploma, bring one’s knowledge up to date in the following areas: companion animals, livestock and other domesticated animals (sports and leisure).
  • The courses, which confer a diploma, can either be taken over consecutive months or during weeks spread out over a year; they allow young degree-holders to study a subject or specialisation in depth and give practitioners an opportunity to advance their knowledge in a subject, to acquire a specialty or to change professional orientation.
  • Whatever your needs, we can organize customized practical training courses to up-date your knowledge or simply enable you to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Training available in English

The training sessions available in english take place at the Cirale (Centre for imaging and Research in equine locomotor disorders) located in Calvados, city of Goustrainville, Dozulé.

Contact us: cirale@vet-alfort.fr