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Centre for Imaging and Research in Equine Locomotor Disorders
The CIRALE is one of three sites which make up the Alfort Veterinary School. It is located in Goustranville, Calvados.

The Centre for Imaging and Research in Equine Locomotor Disorders (CIRALE) was created in 1999 by the Basse-Normandie Region and has since become a world-renowned reference centre for the study of osteoarticular and musculotendinal diseases in horses.


A sports medicine unit was inaugurated in 2008 with the goals of improving the treatment of sport horses and to investigate the causes of underperformance. A unit of the Frank Duncombe Departmental Laboratory is situated close to the CIRALE and this makes it possible to analyse biological samples very quickly.

CIRALE-Vue Générale

The CIRALE has a triple vocation:

  • Diagnosis: specialised consultations for musculoskeletal disorders and sports medicine are performed daily on all types of horses after referral by local veterinarians.
  • Teaching: as part of the ENVA, the CIRALE gives both university and post-university training for both French and international students.
  • Research: there are several onsite research programs whose goals are to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical and locomotive disorders which limit the performance of horses.

The high quality of these activities is made possible by the use of sophisticated equipment and a dynamic team guided by world-renowned specialists.

The CIRALE regularly hosts events for veterinarians, the equine industry and the general public.


Of interest to professionals

Diagnostic Cabourg

Our facilities make it possible to detect lesions or disorders which are undetectable by conventional techniques. These problems can then be identified and treated.

  • Early diagnosis allows us to begin treatment before lesions become too severe and before they cut short a horse’s career.
  • Diagnostic precision allows appropriate treatment of the horse, using the most relevant medical assistance in unison with a targeted training program to optimise the horse’s performance.