Animal Care

Technological analysis platform

BioPôle Alfort is a technological platform for veterinary biomedical, histological analysis, and supply of extemporaneous preparations for veterinary use.

Located on the EnvA site (Alfort Veterinary School), the BioPôle Alfort guarantees access to the best diagnostic & analytical techniques and expertise in the fields of infectious diseases, immunology, autopsy, pathology, biochemistry, hematology, cytology, nutrition, etc.
The platform also provides pharmaceutical technologies (recommendation, production and supply of extemporaneous preparations for veterinary use).



  • Analysis of metabolites, cytokines, enzymes and ions in body fluids (blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid...), fatty acids (tissue, food) & hormones
  • Myelogram, serum protein electrophoresis, complete blood count, blood smear analysis
  • Analysis of pathogenic species (notably fungus & bacteria): culture, identification, genotyping, susceptibility testing, serology
  • Histopathological, Cytological and Immunohistochemical diagnosis : in situ hybridization, tissue micro-array, immunofluorescence, morphometry, virtual slides
  • Innovative galenic formulations for veterinary use
  • Training workshops: laboratory diagnosis

Scientific expertise

  • Facilities and recognized know-how of EnvA teams (veterinarians, pharmacist, technicians, hospital practitioner, etc.), support in protocol conception
  • Integrated offer, from sample preparation to statistical analysis for clinical diagnosis, pre-clinical and clinical trials
  • Translational approach, in connection with the Biomedical Research Centre (CRBM), the Animal Clinical Research Institute (IRCA) and the Alfort University Veterinary Hospital (ChuvA)




Clinical diagnosis, pre-clinical and clinical trials in various species: dogs, cats, horses and laboratory & farm animals.

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